It all began in 7th grade! Actually, way before that I was constructing and decorating Barbie houses, making crafts, drawing, sewing and taking pictures!

But back to 7th grade in the early 70’s – the boy’s “shop classes” were opened up to the girls! Wow – what a revolutionary thought! My best friend and I decided to take drafting on a dare. She did it to meet boys – I did it to learn about architecture! Of course the first semester was all about molds and dies – ugh… but it was interesting mechanically and that was how you learned to draw perspectives, isometrics, plan views, and detail drawings!

Skip ahead a few years and I finally made it to Michigan State University to study Interior Design. What a great experience to be away from home and learning about life and starting your dream. Due to circumstances beyond my control I had to leave MSU and return home – but I always knew that I would get back to my dream.

I finally returned to college while raising a family in the ’90s and received my BA from Wayne State University in 2000. I worked part-time that last year in carpet sales and custom drapery designs. A good jumping off place – because we all have to know/develop people skills and the sales experience I continue to use to this day.  Upon graduation, I began my career as a Showroom Manager for a high end custom furniture showroom in the Michigan Design Center. Since then I’ve also worked for a commercial design firm doing hospitality design, educational design, as well as project management. Recently did a short stint working in retail and brand design for a large retailer. Now I feel like I’ve gone full circle back to my retail roots. Over all I think design includes not only technical skills, but psychology and sales knowledge no matter what type of design you are working on.

I have always been interested in the details! I like to know how things work and/or how they go together. I can usually be found checking out the wallpaper or painting techniques in any given interior/space – oh don’t forget the bathrooms; love to check out the tile, stone and the fixtures. To me if an establishment spends good money on their bathrooms, then they really care about their business.

I’m an outdoors gal – and yes, even winter….sledding, skating, hiking and snowmobiling. I think travel to anywhere, whether it is for work or pleasure; experiencing new cultures, food and fashion is the best learning experiences. A bit of a tomboy at heart so I love cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles…basically anything with a motor.

So there ya have it! A little bit about me and where I began in this very small world of design! Ahla… six degrees of separation!

Since this is my first attempt at blogging, I might be a bit slow posting at first – but I promise I’ll surprise you! Check out my website here:

I would love to hear some feed back from those that can relate.