Day 1 – Favorite Song

I’ve decided to take the plunge and try more of this blogging thing! My dear daughter, Misty sent me this 30 day blog challenge to get me started. And while I promise to get through all 30 days, I cannot guarantee that all the days will be in succession. But you will get all thirty days… eventually!

The first challenge is about music and my favorite song – how apropos that it is the holiday season and we are inundated with holiday music! Gee, I think some of the radio stations started playing it November 1st! While I do like holiday music, I appreciate it more when it actually is played during the holiday season – in my mind that would be from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

So let me begin with my all time favorite song. It makes me stop and think. Actually many of their songs make you think. The Beatles, “In My Life”. But I also like “Yesterday”. I always thought that they were visionaries; way ahead of their time. Maybe it was all the drugs they did that gave them super powers to see the future. Or maybe is it that the future is really just a repeat of the past somehow?

I really do love all different types of music. My dad used to listen to jazz, blues and both of my parents loved country. I remember thinking how square/lame that music was. But now I love those genres. We had the old hifi stereo console that took up the whole wall of the living room. It had an FM radio! and a turn table and storage for lps!

I love to dance; all kinds of dancing; swing, hip hop, line dancing and even square dancing! So if you can dance to it I like it! Lately I’ve been digging the new Pink song, “Raise Your Glass”. A live band still trumps a DJ in my mind anyway, maybe that dates me some; don’t care. I love the drums and wanted to learn how to play when I was a kid – my parents put the kibosh on that!  So these days I’m into the air drums! Hahaha…

What kind of music gets you going? Makes your day and keeps you motivated?