Westerns, Period Pieces, War Movies, Indie Films, Comedies

Like music, my tastes are all over the genre map. I do have a bit of cowgirl in me so can’t pass up a good western, yes, even the spaghetti westerns staring Clint Eastwood or John Wayne. Did you know they have remade True Grit? Saw it last weekend and it is Oscar worthy!

Oh, and being a lover of history I will relate to any period movies like Pride and Prejudice. History also includes war movies too! Probably the best one yet, in my personal opinion, has to be Shindler’s List. I know it’s pretty raw; but so was the Holocaust.

On to Indie Films, Independent Films for you novices – hmmm… anything that has a true story background. Did you know that The Taxi Driver was released as an Indie film? Also I really think you get the whole experience by watching an Indie film at a historic theatre! There are a few around town that get me feeling all artsy.

Comedies – Gosh, where to begin? Some of the best physical comedians are my favorite, like Jim Carey as Ace Venture, Pet Detective! Or Chevy Chase – best all time holiday movie – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, it’s become a family tradition. I even love some of the high school stupid comedies, like Harold and Koomar go to White Castle.

All of the above are most certainly better with a kid pack! (insert pic) Do you know what a kid pack is? Ask for it the next time you visit a MJR theatre. It’s a way that I can have movie popcorn and soda without straying too far from my diet!